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This bow will change your mind about long bow shooting. If you are a recurve shooter that always wanted to shoot a long bow but never felt confident with one you need to give the Royal Crown a try. The foward hand design helps you hit where you are looking , plus the full shaped grip locks your hand in perfect position every time. When the pre-loaded hybrid limbs, unleash an arrow with no hand shock and hit exactly where you are looking you will know that you just found your new best friend. The Royal Crown is offered in 58', 60", 62" and 64" lengths. The Royal Crown is not legal for NFAA shooting, the limbs show reflex when strung.

Royal Crown 

Royal Crown Hybrid longbow design shoots like a recurve, dead in the hand.



Unstrung Royal Crown, All bacote riser with red elm limbs

Strung Royal Crown still shows reflex in limb not legal for NFAA shooting

Royal Crown come standard pointed at the top and rounded at the bottom and are micarta and exotic wood, with optional elk antler tips

Our Long bows come with top limb tip pointed and bottom limb tip rounded as shown

Royal Crown exotic and domestic limb core and veneer choices