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Recurve Gallery

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High Sierra's 


Paduk/Bacote Riser with Bacote limbsPaduk/Bacote riser with Bacote limbs


Bacote/Paduk riser with Yew LimbsBacote/Paduk riser with Yew Limbs


All Sapele riser with Sapele limbs and micarta tipsAll Sapele riser with Sapele limbs and micarta tips 


All Bolivian rosewood riser with myrtle limbs and elk antler tips


Quilted maple/Bolivian rosewood riser with quilted maple limbs and elk antler tips 


 Shedua/Bacote riser with Birds eye maple limbs



All babinga riser with birds eye maple limbs



Bacote/shedua riser with bacote limbs



Shedua/cocobolo riser with Tokin bamboo limbs



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